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“I had absolutely no concerns or issues with this method of communicating... it was a relief to know that my forms were submitted and reviewed directly and that I didn't have to wait for the mail to go through.”

US Taxpayer survey on Visual Bridge's work leading the Taxpayer Digital Communications Program


“My wife and I are extremely pleased with the efficiency of this new way to communicate with the IRS. It was fast and secure. We hope that the IRS will keep Secure Messaging moving forward and continue to improve this process. Secure Messaging helped us cut the time between responses and both parties came to a resolution faster. Please thank the person or team that made IRS Secure Messaging possible.”

US Taxpayer

“This is very very very good process. It is not only secure, but also fastest to resolves the audit issues. Please implement this system to all my future IRS communication. Thank you very much for letting me use this system to resolve audit issue.”

US Taxpayer

“The IRS Secure Messaging system worked really well for me. Not only did it save me money on postage, it provided me with the knowledge that the IRS received my information. Although the audit process is never something a taxpayer welcomes this system made the process a pleasant experience.”

US Taxpayer

Dr. Green is one of the best leadership facilitators in the world. His knowledge of Emotional Intelligence and its application to leadership have helped our organization grow into a destination for top talent."

The US Department of Veteran Affairs

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